Dr P Nambi Namboodiri MD (Ayu)

Dr. Pallatheri Nambi Namboodiri, MD hails from a traditional Vedic family and exponents of the Yajurveda tradition. Even though Dr. Namboodiri was exposed to Ayurveda from a tender age, he started his formal education in 1991 and graduated with BAMS degree from The Venkataramana Ayurveda College, Chennai, the oldest college in South India. He went on to complete his Post Graduation, MD, from BRKR Government Ayurveda College, Hyderabad in 2004.

He holds the post of Director, Nagarjuna Ayurveda, Kerala, an organization dedicated to the development and propagation of Ayurveda. Apart from that, he has been teaching BAMS students in the capacity of Professor and Head of Department for over fifteen years. He has also travelled extensively to different continents consulting patients, conducting seminars, courses and propagating Ayurveda

Worth mentioning is the fact that his maternal grandfather, Kunju Namboodiripad, who was Dr.Namboodiri's inspiration, was an exponent in gaja ayurveda a branch of Ayurveda which deals with diseases and treatment of elephants. Kunju Namboodiripad had, in his turn, imbibed his knowledge from his own maternal grandfather who was also a famed visha vaidya, a toxicologist.